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Preparing for standardized tests is about far more than rote memorization, it’s about getting inside the mind of the test maker to see the hidden patterns needed to succeed. Work one on one with an expert tutor who knows your test inside and out.  Standardized tests are far too important to trust to amateurs; get help from someone who knows how to succeed.

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STEM subjects are crucial for college admissions and most modern professions. If you want to succeed, get help from someone who has more than theoretical knowledge. Ethan Jones is a PhD Student at Harvard University’s Systems Biology department, who uses math, science and programming to solve problems every day. Ethan has published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals, and has received many awards for his research.

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About Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones is an award-winning PhD Student at Harvard University, with a background in biology, computer science and applied mathematics.

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Enjoy the added flexibility and lower cost of online tutoring anywhere in the world, or work with me in person in the Cambridge/Boston Area.

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Very Knowledgeable
He taught me more than expected. He knows his stuff and is a great teacher. He is easy to schedule with and responds quickly to emails. He is very patient and explained Python very well.
ACT Prep
Ethan is very thorough and patient. He clearly has the knowledge of what he’s teaching-Science & Math. I am looking forward to working with him further! Thank you.

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