I recommend preparing using only material from real previous SAT/ACT exams. Full length official practice exams can be found in the SAT Blue Book and the ACT Red Book respectively. Additional exams from past test dates can be found with the help of google.

For students who are struggling with the ACT Science section in particular, I recommend For The Love of ACT Science.

Yes! Ethan offers custom designed courses in all STEM areas as well as history. Custom courses that Ethan has taught in the past include, Bioinformatics and Algorithms, Algebra 1 – Calculus, Python Programming, Molecular Biology. Custom courses are a particularly good fit for students who aren’t challenged enough at school or who have a deep interest in an area not covered in their school’s curriculum.

Yes. Ethan offers free consultations to assess student/tutor fit as well as to make sure he can help effectively. Contact.

Students typically see an increase of around 10 percentile points, which is roughly equivalent to 150 points on the SAT and 3-4 points on the ACT.

Yes. Although Ethan’s college and graduate background is in math and science, he scored perfectly on his SAT verbal section and has a 97% GRE verbal score. 

Students should focus on different areas depending on their preparation time and desired score improvement. For improvements in a short period of time, students often see the best improvements by focusing on their strongest sections. Students with longer preparation times should take a balanced approach to preparing, but should note that the easiest places to improve with practice are the English/Writing and Mathematics sections of the tests.

I recommend 1 hour lessons for test preparation tutoring and anywhere from 1 to 2 hour lessons for subject tutoring and custom classes.

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